In a fashion-conscious world filled with social media and selfies, having a stylish phone case is a must. But don’t take our word for it!

As we say “bon voyage” to Summer 2018, Tirita conducted a survey to discover exactly how phones cases measure up against more traditional “must-have” fashion accessories such as belts, watches, shoes and bags. From phone cases matching outfits to draws full of cases of all colours and styles, we wanted to know: what is your most prized accessory? And the results are in!

Have you ever matched your phone case with your outfit or make-up?

It turns out that 1 in 3 millennials match their phone case with either their outfit or make-up!

When we asked these ‘phone case matchers’ what they usually coordinated their phones cases with, 58% said that they matched their clothing, 25% matched their make-up and 17% said they matched both their outfit and make-up at the same time.

Top Tip: Match Your Style if Not Your Outfit
Fashion blogger, Chloe Elizabeth told Tirita “I don’t personally make an effort to match my phone case to my outfit, but I do feel they both somewhat match my overall ‘style’. I think that mobile phones are so integrated into our lives now, that its’ really important for some to have a phone that matches with their ‘style’, especially as cases are so affordable.”
It’s not just your outfit that you might want to match your case to. Our hugely popular Marble & Gold phone case collection goes perfectly with any Friday night bling, gold jewellery, and sparkly accessories.
Lifestyle blogger, Chloe Minette added “I get inspiration from the colours on my phone case for the colours to paint my nails. Especially when buying nail polish, I use my phone case colour pallet to select my next polish.”

Which of the following accessories is the most important? (Put them in order):

It’s no surprise that shoes still dominate the charts as the must-have accessory, with jewellery and bags closely behind. However, we were delighted to see that the humble phone case has become a popular accessory too, even overtaking belts in terms of outfit coordination. Phone cases were voted as important as watches!

In the same way that shoes do more than just protect your feet, phone cases have become more of a fashion statement than a means of simply protecting a phone. Phone cases have become a vital part to any outfit – in part due to social media selfie culture. People see the latest phone case designs on their friends and celebrities Instagrams and immediately want to know where they came from.

Mirror Selfie Top Tip: Get up close and personal!
Whilst mirror selfies are great for showing off full-lengthers and complete outfits, they’re also great for getting up close and personal. So don’t be afraid to step up the mark and show off your new eye shadow, jewellery, and of course, your new phone case. Whether near or far, make your phone a part of the image!

How many phone cases do you own?

In order to match cases with clothes, over half (53%) of respondents admitted to owning more than one phone case, with 17% owning over five! Fashionistas know that a new outfit is needed for every public occasion and, as this now includes your phone case, it is no surprise that so many millennials have draws full of cases.

Owning multiple cases to mix and match with outfits is now becoming as common as having a wardrobe full of shoes and a box full of jewellery. With so many designs and styles to choose from, it’s easier than ever to get the perfect case for every outfit!

Colour Coordination Top Tip: Remember Opposites Attract!
We love seeing phone case coordination, and it’s becoming more and more common. But don’t forget, coordinating your phone case with your outfit doesn’t mean camouflaging your case all together. It doesn’t have to be the same colour as your outfit – it can be a complimentary colour instead. Check out this handy colour coordination guide to work out what colour cases will go with your favourite outfits.

Have you just brought a new outfit and are looking for the perfect case to match? Why not check out our latest phone case collections today! And don’t forget to send us a selfie with your new case using the hashtag #MyTirita for your chance to win free phone cases for the year. Click out our Instagram competition here.

Survey Methodology: Tirita surveyed 300 UK females aged 16-24 on 20/08/2018 to discover if they had ever matched their phone case with their outfit or make-up. Respondents were asked three questions around matching their phone case with their outfit and had to rank accessories in order of importance. Tirita then analysed the results.

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