In a world full of image-led social media, millennials are often labelled as fashion conscious with only one desire, to look good – a belief that even extends to the appearance of their smartphones. However, our recent survey has found the generation of selfie lovers are disproving public opinion on their vanity and shopping habits; especially when it comes to choosing a phone case.

It turns out over half (51%) of millennials actually pick their phone case based on its protectiveness. Compared to a mere 33% who choose one solely on looks and the latest fashion trends.

With the continual rise platforms like Instagram, millennials are often taking pride in all aspects of their appearance for those important, impromptu selfies. This includes the look of the devices most used to take photos – their phones; especially when the hashtags #mirrorselfie and #mirrorpic have been used a combined total of 7.6 million times on Instagram.

However, our data has revealed that millennials are making sensible decisions to protect their favourite devices, not just thinking about appearance.

And considering smartphone prices now reaching £1,000 or more for the latest model, it’s no wonder millennials are doing all they can to guarantee theirs is safe from damage.

Enrique de Juan, founder and managing director of Tirita, said: “As phones are increasing in expense and have become more of a life line for most millennials, it is no surprise that the idea of having a phone case for the sake of fashion alone is outdated.

“Millennials are looking for the best way to protect their valued devices, but many are still hoping for the best of both worlds, a phone case that delivers on look and function.”

This shows that despite being branded as the “avocado on toast” generation who are “frivolous with money”, millennials are actually taking time out to research and source the best case on the market. It’s not a decision taken lightly, with 61% reading customer reviews before making a purchase.

When it comes to finding the best way to shop for their perfect phone case, the majority (63%) default to general retailers such as Amazon – a website that is driven by and thrives on customer reviews to encourage purchases.   

The second most popular choice was to purchase directly from phone shops (20%), suggesting that when millennials aren’t relying on customer insights, they’re actively seeking advice from experts who can suggest the most robust case upon purchasing their latest phone.


Surprisingly, for such an appearance-conscious generation, the least popular choices (less than 4%) were fashion retailers or designers to purchase their phone cases, suggesting this “vanity first” stigma is beginning to fade.

Sophie Calverley, fashion photographer and blogger at One Unique certainly takes her time in choosing her phone case: “I like to have a phone case that represents me or shows off the phone, but I also want a phone case that’s going to protect my phone.

“Even then, I don’t want it too thick and bulky, so it takes a lot of research to find an option that suits me.”

Regardless of your preference, Tirita can give you the best of both worlds – a sturdy, reliable case that doesn’t compensate on style. Check out our latest phone case collections today to find your perfect match.

Survey Methodology: Tirita surveyed 600 UK male and female millennials (aged 18-34) to discover whether they go for functionality or appearance when choosing a phone case. Respondents were asked eleven questions around their phone case shopping habits and preferences. Tirita then analysed the results.

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