Kylie Jenner’s style has evolved over the years, but she always looks on point! So we want to share with you how to look just as good.

Famous for appearing in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, Kylie Jenner was named the world’s most influential teen for two consecutive years. During this time she has been known for her constantly changing style and with over 100 million followers on Instagram, she is one of the most followed people on social media.

Where Did Kylie Jenner Get Her Phone Case?

Let’s check out why as we give you the secret to getting Kylie’s latest fashionable phone case.

Simple yet sleek, every girl knows you need a little black dress in your wardrobe and Kylie often rocks out this classic outfit. Unsurprisingly, her phone case is no different and her distinctive Kylie case is often spotted in her pictures.

Picture: Scott Barbour/Getty Images Source: Getty Images

Engraved with her name, making it stylish and unique, Kylie often models her personalised phone case and now you can have your very own. From initials to your full name, here at Tirita we customise every case to fit your needs and make sure you are happy with the overall design.

Kylie’s hair changes almost as much as her style and if a splash of colour is more your flair, she’s got you covered. From candy floss pink to sea green tips, Kylie’s phone case is able to keep up and now you can too.

Here at Tirita we are always looking out for the latest colour trends to make sure we have the phone case for you. So, why not check out our brilliant pink offering and match your latest highlights with a new phone case.


Or, why not make a statement with your phone case, rather than your hair and get a case with bold patterns as well as bright colours?

Kylie Jenner, says: “I love changing out my phone cases! Sometimes the one I choose depends on my mood—whether it’s playful or simple.” So why not do the same and use your case to express yourself?

Courtesy of Instagram/[@kyliejenner]

From mythical creatures of the winter to tropical fruits in the summer, there is a phone case inspired for every occasion in our brand new collection. So head over now and tell us your mood. But don’t forget for your chance to win a phone case for every attitude, send us a selfie using the hashtag #MyTirita to enter our Instagram competition.

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