Known for being totally ‘gaga’, Lady Gaga is famous for much more than her music. An actress, dancer and fashion icon, she is recognised for her unusual personality and bold statements.

Often making the front page of the papers for the clothes she’s worn and messages she has shared, her unconventional experimentation with style is ground-breaking and we know you want to learn her secrets.

So, we have put together some of her most fashionable phone cases and where to find them.

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Photographed all in black, it is rare to see Lady Gaga without a bit of colour, but classic looks like this never go out of style. Matching with her partner, this image is timeless and so is her phone case.

Simply one colour, the case will match with any outfit, which our recent survey found a third of millennials like to do. So why not head over to our gold or pink selection to find a case to go with several different outfits.

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Are you feeling you want to capture more of the gaga look? Why not take inspiration from her more rustic sense of style and make a statement. Spotted with a fierce hairdo and memorable phone case, she can spread a message without even talking!

Regularly making a stand for something she believes in, now you can too by heading over to our shabby chic collection. Including, flower prints for the environmentally friendly to watermelons for those promoting healthy eating, there is something for everyone.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Lady Gaga Facebook page

Or if you want to have a head-turning outfit with a matching case, Lady Gaga is the one to watch with a wardrobe full of clothes inspired by fantastic musicians, such as Madonna and strong characters, like Cruella De Vil.

Our phone cases range from the fabulous to the discreet and you can order your very own from our metallic or marble collection.

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