Pretty in pink and glamorous in gold, it is not just Taylor Swift’s music that has changed over time. Taylor’s style has evolved too, but there has always been an element of sparkle and shine.

As a leading recording artist, Taylor is known across the world for songs about her personal life. When launching onto the music scene she was recognised for her country girl look, however, as her music developed so did her wardrobe.

We think her new style is on point and have created phone cases so you can copy her fabulous fashion sense.

Photo by Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

Pictured in a royal playsuit, Taylor likes to bring a bit of glam to the party and her phone case does too. Often seen in photographs, Taylor makes sure her phone is camera ready and has a large collection of phone cases.

With a bit of bling on both her phone case and outfit, Taylor thinks of everything and likes her accessories to work with her clothes. Our recent survey found this is a popular trend and now you can be ready for any celebration thanks to our sequin section.

Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Or, why not go one step further and match your entire outfit and follow in the footsteps of our favourite country girl? Spotted in baby pink, Taylor knows how to rock her pastel colours and even adds her phone case into the mix.

Frequently seen matching her case with her outfit, we think Taylor will make phone cases the new number one accessory. So, make sure you don’t miss out and head over to our pink collection before it is too late!

Photo by SAV/GC Images

If pinks not your thing don’t worry -Taylor’s got you covered as she adds some extra sparkle to the red carpet. Wearing a twinkly blue dress, of course her signature style is to match her phone case and blue shimmers can be seen.

Chic and cool, everyone wants to pull off Taylor Swift’s style, so why not buy your very own shiny case from our glitter collection? Available in a variety of colours, we can get you ready for any occasion and help you join in the growing trend.

To find out more about matching your phone case with your outfit, head over to our survey results, which shows how fast phone cases are taking over the accessory market.   

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