Mother and daughter, Kris and Kendall Jenner have often been mistaken as sisters due to their glamorous clothes and up to date fashion sense. So we want to share with you their style secrets.

Rising to fame in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, Kris Jenner is a renowned businesswoman, who manages both a production company and her children’s careers. Knowing she needs to be taken seriously, her sophisticated style is timeless and we want to share how you can get your hands on her phone case.

Suited and booted from the early 90’s, Kris’ style has remained simple, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t adapted her classic look over the years. Making the rounds with her children on the red carpet, Kris dresses like a star and her phone case is no exception.

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Commonly appearing entirely in black, Kris’ phone case highlights her definitive style. Here at Tirita we want you to show your flair through your phone case and have elegant marble designs like Kris Jenner’s as well as something a little more wild and unique.

Fashion Icon Kendall Jenner

Named the world’s highest-paid model in 2017, Kendall Jenner has walked the runaway in Paris, New York and Milan, while also appearing on the front cover of several high-end magazines including Vogue and LOVE.

Kendall’s fast-paced career has made her one to watch and earlier this year, one of her Instagram photos became the most-liked post of all time. Kendall’s social media is currently valued between $125,000 – $300,000 for a single post and with so many selfies, we know you have been looking for her gorgeous phone case.


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Inspired by her mum, Kendall often wears traditional patterns that never go out of fashion. From striped suits to polka dot dresses, Kendall and her phone case are always on trend.

Sometimes plain black with a single heart, Kendall’s phone case corresponds with her outfits and you can order your very own from our glitter collection. You can choose from hundreds of designs, but we recommend our popular glitter heart case that looks just like Kendall’s.



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Kendall looks jaw-dropping in any outfit and often interprets her mum’s sophisticated style with a bit more colour. Rocking this look all year round, she tends to stick to seasonal colours and you can match your phone case with Kendall’s outfit by checking out our gold collection.

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