Musicians are often asked by fans for a cheeky selfie, which they are more than happy to do. But where do they get their photogenic phone cases?

From Ed Sheeran to Drake, here at Tirita we can help you get your hands on the hottest designs and show you how to find a phone case similar to your favourite male musicians.

What Phone Case Does Ed Sheeran Use?

World famous singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is known for his casual, laid-back style. Normally seen rocking checked shirts and trainers, Ed likes to be comfortable and his phone is no different.

Simple, but effective, Ed’s phone case is usually made from thin plastic with a modest design. From camo patterns to random shapes, Ed’s phone case matches his sense of style and now you can copy his look thanks to our new website.

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Fun Fact: Did you know that Ed is a huge fan of cats? He is often spotted with his furry friend and rumour has it, he owns a cat phone case too. You can order your very own from our animal phone case collection.

What Phone Case Does Drake Use?

Drake’s rapping might be described as ‘polarising’, but his sense of style is something that shouldn’t work on paper. However, he knows how to work it and somehow pulls it off. Are you looking to be so daring? Here are our tips on stealing his style and making it your own.

Whilst Drake rarely shares selfies, here he is self-photographed in front of the mirror, posing with a simply elegant black phone case.  His choice of case corresponds with his urban style of every-day streetwear. You can buy your own from our new range of phone cases now and start working that urban look.


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Top Tip: Drake has a coat for every occasion and is known for his wide selection. Including, bomber jackets, pea coats and hoodies, Drake is ready for any event and you know his phone case is too. So, why not check out our full range at


What Phone Case Does Kendrick Lamar Use?

Regarded as one of the most skilful hip-hop artists of his generation, Kendrick is known for his clever lyrics, but also his cool sense of fashion. Wearing orange jumpsuits and double denim, Kendrick is always surprising his fans.

Do you want to copy his style? We can get you started with our metallic phone case selection, which hosts many cases like the one Kendrick can often be spotted with.

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