Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian launched onto our screens in 2007 and as of 2018 are the longest serving TV family in history. But why are we so obsessed with them?

Teenagers across the globe are addicted to literally keeping up with the Kardashians, following the clang across all social media platforms. From the gossip and drama to the luxury lifestyle and most up to date fashion, people want to know exactly what’s happening.

So why not make your friends green with envy by having the same phone case as these glamorous celebrities?

What Kind Of Phone Case Does Kim Kardashian Have?

Kim first gained media attention after being a stylist for Paris Hilton and her fashion sense has only gotten stronger. Confessing that Cher and Barbie are amongst her top style icons, Kim and her phone case are always ready to party.

Looking for love on the dancefloor? Inspired by the ultimate material girl, Kim’s playful case helps her send the right message and now you can too thanks to our new heart collection.


What Kind Of Phone Case Does Kourtney Kardashian Have?

Well-known for her leopard print outfits, Kourtney has pioneered this popular trend for years and has inspired many other famous faces. From snakeskin to zebra, animal prints are back in fashion and proven the test of time.

Want to steal Kourtney’s style? Then check out our animal phone cases and choose between subtle prints and brightly coloured creatures. Available across all phones, anyone can head over to the wild side and be just like Kourtney.


What Kind Of Phone Case Does Khloé Kardashian Have?

Looking for a more refined design? A little sparkle never goes out of style and Khloé is always rocking a bit of bling. If she is not working out, she is glammed up from head to toe showing off the next innovation in fashion.

Khloé’s phone cases are always supporting the latest trend and it was certainly ahead during the rise in marble. From edgy prints to girly glitter complete with your Khloé look with our marble collection and choose from a splash of silver or gold bling.


Can’t choose your favourite Kardashian? Neither can we so why not enter our Instagram competition for your chance to win a phone case inspired by all three.

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